Basri Ertaş

Prof. Dr. Basri ERTAŞ

İnşaat Mühendisliği Programı Bölüm Başkanı

Dear Students,

Civil engineering is an applied discipline that provides settlement, transportation and life related to human life and all kinds of needs related to it. Nowadays, the main application areas can be active in the fields of design, construction and operation of buildings, airports, dams, harbors, roads, bridges, subways, railway and all kinds of infrastructure facilities. Our department aims to develop students’ design and analysis, management potentials and decision making skills based on scientific and technical foundations. Our program is aimed at improving the personal talent, entrepreneurship and creativity of our students and ensuring that they are aware of the contemporary and contemporary technologies in the field of Civil Engineering. After completing basic science courses, students take courses in applied mechanics, structures, hydraulics, hydromechanics, topography, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, materials, structure and structure management.

I wish you all success.