Civil engineering; material and technique in the best way, bringing together all kinds of structures; design, plan, project construction and inspection is the branch of basic engineering.
Civil Engineers building all kinds of dam airport, bridge, road, aqueducts port, sewage, water network, tunnel railway, fast train projects, subway etc. conducts training and research on design planning, project planning, construction and supervision of service and industrial buildings. Civil engineering, also known as the mother of engineering, is the oldest basic engineering discipline that comes after military engineering and the English word meaning “civil engineering” is the 18th century. it was also used to distinguish non-military engineering from military engineering. Civil engineering is one of the leading engineering fields. As civil engineering covers a large area, it is necessary to specialize in various branches. The main areas of these areas are environmental engineering, geotechnical urban engineering, coastal engineering, measurement knowledge, structural engineering, basic engineering, water engineering, material science, transportation engineering and so on. are issues.

The purpose of the program:
In accordance with the needs and developments in the world; public and private sector organizations operating in the civil engineering sector,

  • Project engineer,
  • Field Engineer
  • Laboratory Engineer,
  • Control engineer,
  • Manager and executive assistant at different levels,
  • Researcher,
  • Academician

The aim of this course is to educate civil engineers who can work in different disciplines and work in projects of various sizes.